I Can't Hear You

A splendid prank that's pretty easy to do. I've got lots of friends who work at fast food joints. Print off signs that read:

"Sorry, speaker system is broken. Please speak LOUDLY when placing your order."

Then tape that sign in a highly visible place near the ordering speaker at the drive through of a fast food joint. I've taken it one step further and print it off on those half sheet sticky labels (they come two per 8.5" x 11" sheet). That way I can peel, stick and run.

Then go inside so you can hear people placing their orders and see your friends looking at each other funny because now everyone is yelling their food orders to them!

- Ronald M.

Would you like fries with that? Your name is Ronald M? As in Ronald McDonald? How fitting ... LOL!

- QualityBargainz

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