Faucet Spray

I didn't see this classic prank your site, so I'm sending it in for inclusion in your great prank collection. Thanks for the laughs!

If your mark has one of those extendable faucet hoses on their sink (found commonly in kitchen sinks today), take a rubber band and put it around the handle keeping the faucet lever in the "on" position. Replace the rigged hose and point the faucet head to where your mark will be standing when they turn on the water. Next time they go to use the sink and turn on the water, they will be sprayed completely wet.

- Kim V.


All you need is a 3 inch piece of Black Electrical Tape.

90% of all kitchen sinks have that little black sprayer next to the faucet. Take this Black Electrical tape and tape the handle down on the sprayer.

This handle is now invisible and ready to spray as soon as the water is turned on. Make sure the sprayer is facing towards the front of the sink.

When the next person goes to use the water….They get wet...I mean soaked…just depends on how quick they are turning off the faucet.

Note: Most people back up away from the faucet before they realize what is going on! Makes it even better to watch!

- Steve W.

Another oldie but a goodie! Thanks for reminding us about this classic prank. And you are most welcome ... we love the laughs, too! Steve sent in a little different twist to this classic prank, so we added his version of the practical joke, too. Keep 'em coming.

- QualityBargainz

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