Pet Mistake

Get some fake dog poop or vomit. Place near the pet's food dish and wait for your mark to notice. Oops! Fido had an accident. An oldie but a goodie! Works great in other locations, too ... like on their bed, in their car and even on the kitchen counter! Works even if your victim owns a cat instead of a dog. Or an infant child.

We onced placed this near the corner of a room that was set up with all the food for a summer party. We had a riot watching what people would do when they walked past the fake mess in order to fill their plates. One lady even thought that her infant grandson might have had an accident. Sure it was a little gross, but oh so hilarious to see their reactions. I guess it wasn't gross enough to keep them from filling their plates full of food.

Oh, and one of the best laughs came when the grandmother pointed it out to everyone in the room. I walked over, without a paper towel, and picked it up with my bare hand. You should have heard the gasps!

- Michael I.

TIP: Sprinkle your fake mess with a little bit of water for that extra realism. Makes it look really fresh! Thanks for sharing, Michael.

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