Popcorn Door

I love this site! Thanks for the prank ideas. And the fake stuff you got is really cool.

This one is a little advanced and requires some work. And it wouldn't hurt to have several bored college guys to pitch in with the work. Though we pulled this off in our dorm, I can imagine it working in offices or other locations.

When your mark is inside their room tape newspaper across the entire span of the door to the outside frame. You may want to wait until they are sleeping and do it at night to give you enough time to complete your project. Leave some space open near the top of the door where you haven't covered it in the newspaper. And you may want to consider using several sheets of newspaper to give your partition some strength. Then fill that space between your newspaper wall and the actual door with tons of popcorn (unbuttered would work best).

When your mark opens the door to leave they will be met with a tital wave of popcorn! Note - only works if the door opens when pulled into the room. Works well with packing peanuts instead of pop corn, too!

- Cleveland

Glad you like the site! And thanks for your purchases! We've heard legend of this prank, but haven't heard from anyone before who has actually pulled this off. Sounds like it would work. I'd have a camera ready for when your mark finally emerges from the wave of popcorn. And here's video of a group doing this idea with soda pop cans. What fun!

- QualityBargainz

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