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I work in a bar and we pull pranks on each other all the time. It is our way of saying we care. One day, one of the waitresses left the sunroof on her car wide open. It was a clear sunny day, so maybe she was airing out her car. Or maybe she just forgot about what a bunch of pranksters we are.

Anyway, while she was working her shift, a couple of us ran over to a furniture store and got us three huge bags of packing peanuts. You know, the styrofoam ones. They have a ton of that left over from when they get their shipments in and were all too pleased to let us have them.

Then we proceeded to fill her car up through the open sunroof with all of these packing peanuts. Wish we had four bags, as three filled it up to about the mid point of the windows, and we didn't have quite enough to get the back seat area either. Boy was she ticked off when she got off her shift that day! She was picking styrofoam pieces out of the cracks and crevices of her seats for weeks!

- Matt H.

Oh, that's great! I wonder if filling the car with blown up balloons would have the same affect. That would take a group of real blow-hards and a lot of hot air ... but I'm sure many of you have those bases covered!

- QualityBargainz

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