Easter Surprize

So, it is the day before Easter and the family is coloring eggs. My mom was planning on bringing some over to a lady that goes to our church who was going to make some egg salad to take to our church picnic. My sisters were all wired and running around like lunatics. This provided the distraction.

When mom wasn't looking, I took six raw eggs out of the fridge and put them in the dye. Then placed the colored raw eggs into the basket mom was going to take to her friend.

Just wish I could have seen their face when it came time to make the egg salad!! Needless to say, mom was not amused.

- Jeff P.

I wish I could have seen it, too! That reminds me of the college days when we would play "Beer Hunter" ... shake up on beer really good and mix it in with the others. When anyone went to open a beer, they had to open it under their nose. It was our version of Russian Roulette!

- QualityBargainz

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