Funnel Fun

This one is a classic that still works great! You and your friend play a game of "Quarter Catch" ... that's where you put a funnel into the top front of your pants with the opening sticking inside and you take turns tossing a quarter into the other guy's funnel. Move around to make it look harder and fun. When you catch your mark's attention, get them to give it a try. When they put the funnel into their pants, dump a glass of water or other beverage into the funnel (and down into their pants). You may need to be ready to run from your mark after you pull this prank.

- Q. Grant

We used to do something similar. We would pretend to play a fun game where we would put the funnel in our pants, put a penny onto our foreheads with our head tilted back, and then move our head forward and try to drop the penny into the funnel. The more fun and challenging you can make it look, the harder it is for your mark to resist. When they take the bait and put the funnel in their pants, dump in the beer and laugh!

- T. Henson

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