Really Cold Call

Many companies will have a drop box where you can fill out information on a card and put it in their box to get further information on their products or to win free stuff. These companies then use this contact information to solicit new business.

Complete these cards with your mark's contact information and make funny derivations of their name. They'll be wondering why these companies are calling for "Mr. Applecart" when his name is Mr. Appleton.

We found one of these stations in the mall that had cards to fill out with a chance to win free windows. There was a box with these sheets to complete all the information to receive a free brochure on quitting smoking. We've found these prank opportunities several times inside grocery stores. Any place you see a way to submit your mark's contact information fill it out with a close sounding but bogus name.

- B. Appleton

I'll have to try that out on my friend, Mr. Jarhead, I mean Jarvis. Now I know how to put those pesky little surveys to work for us. Thanks again, Applecart!

- QualityBargainz

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