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This one is a verbal prank and requires some set up. You'll need to improvise, but here's the basics ...

You work "Well, that must be a dikfer," or similar phrase into a conversation with your mark. Get them to say ...

"So what's a dikfer?"

Your reply "To pee with, of course!"

- J. Espanoza

I remember that prank used in one of those older Chevy Chase movies. Was it "Spies Like Us?" Thanks for bringing this one back to my attention. I got my own father on this one not too long ago. He usually suspects something is up with his prankster son (after all of these years, why wouldn't he?!) It was tough waiting for him to give me the appropriate question so I could delivery the punch line! But it works! And this is a great prank to pull because it doesn't require any props whatsoever! Not sure I would try this on my grandmother, though.

- QualityBargainz

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