Sticky Situation

It was my junior year in college. Finals were just around the corner, so everyone in our house was getting a little punchy. One of my roommates, Kevin, and I cooked up a little idea to have some fun with the others.

Kevin and I unscrewed the shower head and placed a grape Jolly Rancher (I assume any kind of hard candy would work) inside the shower head and replaced it. Then we cracked open a couple of beers and set up camp in the living room. We had a good view of who was going in and out of the bathroom.

Each of our other six roommates took their shower and headed off. None of them were the wiser. Sure enough, just a little later on in the day when they were fully dry, they could feel the sticky coating left from the Jolly Rancher shower covering their entire, and I mean entire, body.

Kevin and I laughed so hard that night when the others started coming home and comparing notes that I think I may have even puked a little. Peter said his boss at work kept looking at him funny because of all his gyrations trying to keep his shirt from sticking to him. Andy had us in stitches the way he described how his cheeks were sticking together when he walked. The way he told us about his hop/skip/walk episodes had Kevin about on the floor.

It is a quick and easy prank. The warm shower melts the candy and coats your mark. They don't feel it until later on when they are fully dry. Leaves a sticky film all over them. It is subtle, yet annoying!

- Gregory

Sounds like you all had a "Jolly" good time! I can picture Andy's walk and I'm in stitches. That prank will make me think twice before taking another hard (candy) water shower. Thanks for sharing!

- QualityBargainz

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