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People absolutely love our plastic pig noses! So much so we've created a special page in honor of our raving fans. QualityBargainz sincerely thanks those of you who have sent us photos of your special events and otherwise fun moments ... and we thank you for letting us be a part of it. Sharing these special moments with you has brought more joy than you can even imagine. For that, we say simply, but sincerely ...



Many thanks to Dan, owner of The Grateful Palate. He has a fine nose for gourmet wines and meats which can be found at www.gratefulpalate.com. Enjoy one of our QualityBargainz pig noses and sign up your meat-lover for their Bacon of the Month Club! Thanks again, Dan. We think you look debonair! Cheers!


"On July 21, third grade students (from an elementary school in California) performed The 3 Little Pigs. We loved the pig noses and they helped to make our play a huge success! Thanks for the fast delivery too!!!"
- Roberta H.


These darling three little pigs discuss from what material they should build their houses in California so the Big Bad Wolf won't get them.

Two California boys prepare for the Huffin' and Puffin' from the Big Bad Wolf during their Three Little Pigs school play.


We think this little piggie is "hamming" it up and having a great time being in the Three Little Pigs play in California.


Dress rehearsal is going very well for these four students from California. Don't you just love the floppy ears, too? A perfect compliment to our Pig Noses.


These three girls from California are having so much fun with our Pig Noses. They love to wear them on stage and off.

These elementary school girls prepare for a school play in Virginia. Don't they look fetching in our QualityBargainz pig noses? And didn't this teacher do a fine job with the hats and shirts? We certainly think so!


These cute children share a smile and friendship. We think our plastic pig noses make them look even cuter! "Since the noses are one-size-fits-all, they were a little large for first graders. We trimmed them down ... thanks for your well-wishes!" -Terry


Smiles abound during this flawless performance! This teacher certainly went the extra mile to make sure the students each had a pig nose and a whole lot of fun.


"I wanted to share with you pictures of the childern in their pig noses. I am so grateful for the fast delivery of the noses. The nursery rhyme show was wonderful. As you can see the five pigs were a hit." -Denise
Denise ... Thank YOU !!! We love working with caring teachers like yourself.


Maryland elementary school children are the stars of this show.


Don't you think the pig ears she made go great with our plastic pig noses? We sure do!


Big smiles and lots of fun! We're so glad he is having a ball with our plastic pig nose.


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Do you have fun photos that you would like to share? Please email us your pig nose photos to be included on our QualityBargainz Pig Nose Fan Page!

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