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People absolutely love our Groucho Marx style, fuzzy nose and glasses! So much so we've created a special page in honor of our raving fans. QualityBargainz sincerely thanks those of you who have sent us photos of your special events and otherwise fun moments ... and we thank you for letting us be a part of it. Sharing these special moments with you has brought more joy than you can even imagine. For that, we say simply, but sincerely ...



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes from Molly, Caitrin, Dave and Colleen !! And a big thank you to this stunning family from QualityBargainz. You see, groucho marx glasses aren't just for Halloween Parties. They are a great accessory for your family Christmas card, too, as you can see! Merry Christmas everybody!


Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to wear your Groucho Glasses to a formal wedding. Especially when the bride and groom look so stunning in their own Groucho Glasses. QualityBargainz is honored to have played a small part in this big event. Thanks for letting us share your photos!!


Groucho Marx glasses are so well known that even a fun loving, blonde woman can sport them without others thinking she needs to dye her eyebrows and mustache. Tell us she isn't having a blast with our Groucho Marx glasses.

Do you have all of your accessories? Earrings - check. Necklace - check. Groucho Marx style glasses - check. Yes, you are ready to go to the wedding. Don't the Groucho glasses make her eyes look pretty? We think so, too.


What do you get when you cross Steve Martin with Groucho Marx? A wild and crazy guy in a pair of fuzzy nose glasses, of course. We're looking at yet another Grouch Marx glasses fan, don't you think? Good times, good times.

We think the big smiles say it all. These Groucho Glasses are a heckovalota fun, fun, fun!


Looking for that certain something to set your family photos apart from the rest? Look no further than QualityBargainz's Groucho Marx Novelty Glasses with fuzzy eyebrows and moustache. This envious accessory says sophisticated yet fun-loving.


Would you like to get some of our Groucho Glasses? Just click here to place your order for our Groucho Glasses !

Do you have fun photos that you would like to share? Please email us your Groucho Marx photos to be included on our QualityBargainz Groucho Marx Style Fuzzy Nose and Glasses Fan Page!

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